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  How to deal with an employee who displays negative them deal     with their own issues and change their behavior.
  How to coach an employee to higher performance….employees want your           leadership and will follow a strong manager.
  How to be clear about what you expect from them….an employee always             wants to know how to best perform.
  How to give your employees the opportunities to perform……if they can’t or       won’t, then how to let them go.     

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The Ten Commandments for Conducting a Meeting......a  simple, highly focused list of 10 perfect ways to insure you are not wasting time at your meetings.  So simple, yet this one page tells it all.  Download this along with your purchase of "Leading the Way:  Manager's Guide to Performance Improvement Plans."

  Bonus #2

How to Squish Creativity Like a Bug (or how not to).  The primary role of a Manager should be the development of  your employees.  It is through the employee's growth that the company will prosper.   This short article identifies how to get the most out of all your employees.  Download this article along with your order.

 On that basis, here is my order for the

"Leading The Way:  Manager's Guide to Performance Improvement Plans"

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